Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional – Apprenticeship


  • To train school leavers with specific skills that would enable them to work with PSMB employers upon completion of training; and
  • To increase the supply of skilled workers through strategic collaboration with the industries registered with HRDF.


Type of Courses
  • PSMB Apprenticeship
  • SLDN Training
  • SKM Training

Type of Training
  • In-house
  • - Minimum 5 pax
  • - Maximum 25 pax
  • Public (Local)
  • - Maximum is 5 pax

Financial Assistances
  • Course fee - the maximum amount funded by PSMB is RM10,000 per pax. However, if the course fee is more than RM10,000, the balance amount will be borne by employers using the HRD levy.
  • Trainee Monthly Allowance will also borne by employers using the HRD Levy.

How To Apply?

Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional – Apprenticeship

Application Process



SI Grant Application

7 days before commencement of training. Documents required:
  • SLDN-Apprenticeship proposal
    (as per appendix A)
  • Certification of Accreditation Company (for SLDN)
  • Certification of Accreditation Training Centre
  • A copy of Trainee’s MyKad
    (Identity Card);
  • A copy of latest academic certification;
  • Copy of PSMB employer contract/ personal bond
  • Schedule of training
  • Course structure
  • Course Fee Details (Quotation)


Training Conducted

  • Attendance – at least 90%
  • Evaluation
  • Training inspection by PSMB



Within 3 months after the training is commences (partially) or complete. Documents required:
  • Invoice (training fees from appointed Training Provider to PSMB)
  • Payment voucher (if have allowances)
  • Attendance Form
  • Evaluation Form
  • A copy of pay slip or EPF statement for each trainees as a proof of employment