Program Registration (SBL Khas)

Tips :
  • Please make sure that, all registered Trainers must poses relevant competency and skills align with the program
  • Response to the inquiry asap to avoid delay on your application. Check your email frequently for inquiry
  • Registration is valid for 3 years
  • Please keep at least one copy of attendance list for renewal
  • Training provider can claim Training Fee only after the training conducted
  • Guest trainer from overseas does not required TTT certificate as long as the trainer come Malaysia specifically to conduct the training.
  • First application is compulsory to sign an agreement with HRDF


  • Based on Training Providers Circular No. 2/2004, PSMB has imposed a requirement that training providers need to register their training programme under the SBL-Khas Scheme if they wish to offer it to the employers who are registered under the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).


How To Register Program ?

  • Login to E-TRiS
  • - Select Application Open > Profile Management >Training Programme > Register for Training Programme
  • - Fill up the relevant area
  • Application Fee
  • - RM 300 per program
  • First time application is compulsory to sign an agreement with HRDF.
  • Document Checklist :
  • - Complete course content
  • - Minimum two (2) Trainers with TTT Certificate
  • - Trainers profiles

How To Renew Program Registration?

  • Login to e-tris.
  • - Select Application Open > Profile Management > Training Programme > Register for Training Programme > Renewal Training Program
  • Application fee
  • - RM 200.00
  • Program has been conducted at least one time

How To Apply?

Register via e-TRiS under Register for Training Programme or Renewal Training Program


Program Registration (SBL Khas)

Does conference and seminar program is allowed to register? And how much does it cost?
Yes. Training Provider is allowed to register Conference and Seminar. RM 300 per program
How long this registration valid?
Training program valid for three (3) years, Seminar valid for one (1) year and Conference one off approval.
Does it allowed to renew program if the program never conducted?
No. Registered program must be conducted at least one time.
Does guest trainer from overseas require TTT certificate?
No. However, Trainer must provide his/her profile and stated as guest trainer in application.
Does it allowable to change or modify course content after approval?
Any changes in course content are not allowed. Major or minor changes considered as a new program
Does Training Provider allowed to add or delete trainers?
Yes as long as it meet minimum of two (2) trainers.
What are the documents required for SBL Khas claim?
Invoice to HRDF, Claim Form (PSMB_SBL-KHAS _JD_14) and attendance list.
Aside from Training Fee, what else is claimable to Training Provider?
Training Provider is allowed to claim training fee only.

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