HRDF Bulletin | August & September 2019

Wave our Jalur Gemilang up high!

HRDF launches its ‘Kibar Jalur Gemilang’
campaign to uphold the national pride

This campaign aimed at encouraging the community to display the Malaysian flag for a month in August and September as a sign of love and affection for Malaysia. The event was launched by our Chief Executive, Mr. Elanjelian Venugopal in the presence of all HRDF employees at the open car park space of Wisma HRDF.

Wheels of Hope: Towards highly-skilled
employees in Toyo Tyre Malaysia

400 Production Technicians are set to receive
training via HRDF SLDN-Apprenticeship Scheme

Under apprenticeship scheme, selected students will first be placed in a four-month long ‘multiskilling’ electrical installation/maintenance programme at Noble School of Engineering in Taiping, then transferred to Toyo Tyre for a six-month industrial apprenticeship programme. Upon completion, these students will be accredited as trained production technicians in Toyo Tyre.

In line with this, Toyo Tyre Malaysia granted certifications of participation to students who had completed their technical and vocational education training (TVET) at the school. While, HRDF Chief Executive, Mr. Elanjelian Venugopal issued a letter of intent to the company “as a symbol of strategic alliance” under the scheme.

A Skillful Partnership

400 Daikin and HRDF will subsidize the air conditioning
installation training courses in both theory and practical
aspects to installers around Malaysia

DAIKIN Malaysia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with both JTM and the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) in an effort to uplift the installation skill level of air conditioning in the HVAC industry under the Air-Conditioner Certified Technician (ACCT) Program.

Through this program, installers would have to go through the course duration of 3 days at the training centres set up at ADTEC and ILP throughout Malaysia before being certified as skilful and reliable installers, which is the program’s main initiative. To further encourage installers to participate in this knowledgeable program, Daikin and HRDF will be subsidizing the initial RM900 fee to a RM190 registration fee instead.

The event also witnessed the launching of HRDF’s SME Skills Scheme by the Minister of Human Resources, an initiative by HRDF to support SMEs towards increasing their productivity and business.

Viral scam through Whatsapp app and email were suing people who have worked between 1990 and 2019 can claim cash RM8,500 from the government by simply filling in the form through the link included. This scam intended to steal people’s personal information using the Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM) domain and HRDF logo. However, HRDF has made a report to CyberSecurity Malaysia to prevent the scam from spreading and thus avoiding more parties from deceiving.


Pushing Beyond Boundaries!

Kudos to all employers for making
SME Seminar a great success

HRDF organises SME Seminar at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur on 20th August 2019 to provide a platform to meet the needs of both employers as well as potential employees to learn from the best, as renowned industry players share insights on the importance of up-skilling, re-skilling and multi-skilling with an emphasis on technology and market-driven programmes as well as their impact on transformation towards a digital economy.

The seminar was attended by 108 participants and 24 booths were set-up by various government and non-governmental organisation to create an effective customer experience.

Industrial Insights' Report

To understand in depth, the skills area and specific trainings that align with industrial needs, HRDF’s Research Unit has put together a detailed Industrial Insights' Report. Issue 3 of 2019, which provides glimpes on the current people issues and identifies training challenges faced by industries caused by external factors.

Let’s Prepare for the 12th Malaysia Plan!

Focused group discussion under the Technical
Trade Working Group (TWG) of Distribution

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA) has begun the process of preparing a post-2020 development plan, including the Twelfth Malaysia Plan, 2021 - 2025 (12th Plan). To facilitate the preparation of the 12th Plan, a total of 13 Inter Agency Planning Group (IAPG) and 47 technical working groups were identified as a platform to discuss issues and formulate policies, strategies, programs under the 12th Plan.

HRDF is assigned under the focus group for the topic of “Professionalism and Productivity of Distributive Trade”. During the discussion, one of the strategies that has been captured is the need of developing an Industry Skills Framework for the Distributive Trade sector.
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