Usage of HRDF Logo

Usage of HRDF Logo

  • Only Training Providers who have a valid registration with PSMB are allowed to use the PSMB logo.
  • For verification :

(Location: Online Services > Online Listing > Listing Of Training Provider).

  • Non-registered Training Providers and other organizations who wish to use the PSMB logo shall write in to PSMB for prior written consent. PSMB reserves the right to grant consent to any such application at its sole and absolute discretion, and subject to such terms and conditions as PSMB deems fit, including the duration of usage.
  • Training Providers need to ensure that the correct format of the logo is used according to the Logo Guidelines. Please refer to the attached guidelines.
  • In order to avoid making misleading statements to the Employers, Training Providers are ONLY allowed to use the following phrases, either individually or collectively, when marketing their Training Programmes:

HRDF Registered Training Provider :

used to show that the Training Provider is registered and active with PSMB.

HRDF Claimable :

used for marketing of Training programmes, Conferences, Seminars and any other such events which are claimable from the HRDF levy.

  • Training Providers who wish to use the PSMB logo for purposes other than as stipulated in this circular shall write in to PSMB for prior written consent. However, such requests need to be for a limited period of time only.
  • PSMB reserves the right to take administrative action against any Training Provider that fails to adhere to these Terms and Conditions when using the PSMB logo and stipulated marketing phrases.

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