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What are the programmes funded by Unutilised Levy and Government Grants?

Unutilised levy is transferred into the common fund and made available for strategic initiatives.

Balance of the common fund as of December 2018 is RM263,181,718 (Source: HRDF Annual Report 2018)

At present, the funds together with matching grants and funds from the Government are used to support the following initiatives aimed at supporting the national human capital agenda towards the creation of a-35 per cent skilled Malaysian workforce which enables the country to become a high-income economy.

  1. Graduates Enhancement Programme For Employability (GENERATE)
  3. Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL)
  4. SME Graduates Scheme
  5. SME Skills Scheme
  6. Industry Certification (INCERT)
  7. Housewives Enhancement and Reactivate Talent Scheme (HEARTS)
  8. OKU Talent Enhancement Programme (OTEP)
  9. B40 Capability Building (B40CAB)

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