What is the SME Training Partners Schemes?

The objective of the SME Training Partners Scheme (SMETAP) is to enhance the momentum of retraining and skills upgrading of the workforce among SME employers. PSMB and approved training providers will partner to provide relevant training to SMEs employers through this scheme. Training fees will be paid directly to training providers who are approved partners and the amount would be debited to employers’ levy accounts in accordance with procedures prescribed. This would benefit employers, as no upfront payment needs to be incurred.

Training programmes offered is in-line with the training needs to be identified by industry training committees, core competencies identified by industry brainstorming groups and consultant studies. All proposals submitted by training partners will be considered and approved by a committee headed by the Chief Executive/Deputy Chief Executive of PSMB.

Training Partners who wish to participate in the SMETAP programme need to fulfil the following criteria:-

  1. Registered as Class A Training Provider with PSMB, including Employers’ or Trade Associations currently registered as Training Providers;
  2. Have at least three (3) years of experience in delivering corporate training;
  3. Have at least ten (10) training programmes that were conducted at least twice a year for the last two (2) years;
  4. All trainers have attended the Train-the-Trainer Course; and
  5. Have subscribed to the PSMB HRD Training Portal.

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