What is the e-Disbursement system?

e-Disbursement system is the system where the amount of training grant approved for payment would be credited directly into employers’/training providers’ bank accounts. Before employers and training providers can receive training grants through the e-disbursement system, they are required to submit two forms i.e. PSMB/e-disbursement/1/08 and PSMB/e-disbursement/2/08.

The e-Disbursement system is only meant for current account holders and banks that are under the Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS). A fee of 50 sen per transaction will be charged for Public Bank account holders, whilst for other banks, the fee is RM2.00 per transaction amounting to less than RM100,000 and RM5.00 per transaction amounting to RM100,000 or more. These fees will be deducted from the approved training grants by MEPS. The fees are fixed by Public Bank and MEPS and not by PSMB. Currently, banks that are under MEPS are shown as follows:

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