What are the training schemes available in PSMB?

Employers are encouraged to utilise their levy payments via the following training schemes:

  1. SBL (Skim Bantuan Latihan)
  2. SBL (Skim Bantuan Latihan) – KHAS
  3. SLB (Skim Latihan Bersama)
  4. Purchase of Training Equipment and Setting up of Training Room Scheme (ALAT)
  5. Industrial training scheme (ITS)
  6. Information Technology and Computer-Aided
  7. Computer based training scheme (CBT)
  8. On-the-job training scheme (OJT), and
  9. Recognition of Prior Learning Scheme (RPEL)

Further information is accessible through our portal, visit www.hrdf.com.my choose “Schemes” and at the dropdown menu button proceed by clicking “HRDF Schemes”. There will be information on the respective schemes for your viewing.

If you have more question do email us at grantsupport@hrdf.com.my