Can employers apply for training grants for development programmes?

Employers registered with PSMB are allowed to apply for training grants for fees and “allowable costs” when Malaysian employees are sent for development courses such as Diploma, Degree, Masters and Ph.D levels. Programmes offered by the colleges and universities from the government, or private sector and also programmes offered by technical and vocational training institutions, especially those with the Malaysian Skills Certificate accreditation from the Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran) under the Ministry of Human Resources, are eligible to obtain financial assistance from the HRDF.

All employers registered with PSMB can apply for financial assistance to reimburse for the course fees including registration and examination fees incurred for sending their workers to attend development programmes. Courses to be attended by trainees must be related to their jobs and relevant to the business of their employers. Employers when seeking financial assistance from the HRDF are required to submit their applications under the SBL Scheme using form PSMB/PGL/1/07 [Download] prior to the commencement of programme.

“Allowable costs” that will be claimable from the HRDF for the duration of the programmes are as follows: –

(a)   RM600 for Masters programme; and
(b)   RM1,000 for Ph. D programme.

(a)   At the rate of 100% for courses offered locally;
(b)   At the rate of 50% for overseas courses; and
(c)   At the rate of 100% for overseas courses for applications from Institutions of Private Higher Education.

If a trainee withdraws from the approved programme, the employer must inform PSMB so that the approved financial assistance can be cancelled and be used again for other training or development programmes.

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