Can an employer claim for conference fees?

Employers are allowed to claim all “allowable costs” incurred in attending conferences and seminars under the HRDF subject to the following conditions:

Locally-Held Conferences/Seminars

Open to all overseas organisers;

The total financial assistance to be granted for conferences and seminars for any one-year period will be subjected to a maximum of 20% of total levy paid in the previous year. This is to ensure that substantial fund will be available for retraining and skills upgrading.

Manufacturing 150 employees or less
Services 50 employees or less

SME employers are required to plan and structure the training. Employers should prepare a structured programme outline with the OJT details on title, objective/learning outcome, target group, duration, task/content/skills and knowledge to be covered and instructional/delivery method.

The in-house OJT should be delivered either by company employees who possess the skills, or the trainee’s own supervisor. The OJT can be conducted in a series of sessions, which should be at least one (1) hour in duration per session. Under this scheme, OJT can be allowed with trainer to trainee ratio of 1:1 up to a maximum of 1:4. For training involving five (5) trainees or more, application for financial assistance should be under the SBL Scheme for internal trainer allowance.

Reimbursement of financial assistance will be based on RM5.00 per trainee per hour (RM/trainee/hour). The minimum total duration of the OJT should be seven (7) hours and the maximum total duration should not be more than 300 hours.

Employers do not need to apply for pre-approvals for training grant and can submit claim applications to the Finance Division of PSMB with a supporting document on the OJT Attendance and Evaluation Log. Employers can submit claim applications immediately after the date of the last session of the OJT. PSMB reserved the right to reject claim applications that are incomplete.

If SME employers have applied for financial assistance under other schemes or other Government programmes for the OJT, application for the same OJT under this scheme will not be allowed.

Kindly refer to Employers Circular No. 15/2008 [Download] for further details.

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