Machinery & Equipment

Development of IndSF document

The Machinery and Equipment (M&E) industry has been one of the strategic importance throughout the global industrial revolutions that serves as one of the fundamental enablers for all economic segments such as the primary, manufacturing and services industries. The M&E industry represents one of the most innovative sectors in the economy, which combines all of the key future technologies including electronics, robotics, materials and software integration which consequently put this industry as a key player in the next industrial revolution - Industry 4.0. The M&E sector also has been identified as one of the catalytic sub-sectors under the 11th Malaysia Plan due to its cross-cutting linkages with all economic segments.

The development of this framework covers the definition of M&E industry, including the Engineering Support Services (ESS). The focus area and scope of the development are also referred to the established occupational standard definitions, such as MASCO and MSIC 2008 document.

This framework is divided into three main sections:
  • Occupational Structure
  • Job Profiling
  • Job Competencies and Skill Categories

The Industrial Skills Framework (IndSF) for Machinery & Equipment sector provides information on:
1. Sectorial Information
4. Job Profile
2. Occupational Structure
5. Skills Set
3. Career Pathway
6. Relevant Training Program
The IndSF document can be downloaded at this link:

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