Industrial Skills Framework (IndSF)


The Industrial Skills Framework (IndSF) is an initiative under the four main pillars of HRDF’s initiatives strategic map. It is placed under the learning ecosystem and landscape due to the nature of the document which is both non-exhaustive and promotes continuous learning cycle between employers, employees and potential job seekers. This document will be reviewed from time to time to meet the industry’s current needs in terms of core skills and competencies.

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HRDF Training Effectiveness Evaluation TEE

What is IndSF?

IndSF is a comprehensive Skills document which is co-produced by HRDF and Key Industrial Players & Associations.

HRDF Training Effectiveness Evaluation TEE


IndSF is a guide for individuals, employers, and training providers to recognize knowledge, experiences, skills mastery and promote lifelong learning in the industry

What does it cover?

IndSF focuses mainly on Level 4 Malaysian Skill Certification or equivalent and above as a complimentary document to existing frameworks such as National Occupational Skills Standard

How it started?

This initiative was started on March 2019 where the IndSF unit (Research and Development Department) actively engaged with industry players and subject matter experts through the Sectorial Training Committee. The unit facilitated the development of the skills framework document through :



Meetings and workshops were conducted based on the request from members to complete the development of skills framework.

Who is it for?


Individuals in their early and/or mid-career can use the Skills Framework to make informed decisions on education and training, career development and skills upgrading based on the sector, employment, occupation/job role, skills and training information in the framework.


Employers can use the Skills Framework to design progressive human resource management and talent development plans based on the detailed skills information in the framework.



Training Providers can use the Skills Framework to gain insights into sector trends and skills in demand, which allow them to innovate and contextualise their curricular design and training programmes to suit the needs of the sector.

Components under IndSF


The Sector and Employment Information provides information on the Industrial Framework for industry (e.g Hotel, Retail & Wholesale), including useful statistics on the industry manpower and occupational requirements


The Skills Map details the skills for each of the industry’s occupations, aligned to the critical area / focus area/ department / sections. It provides information such as occupation description and skills)


The Career Pathways show how the occupations in the Industrial Skills Framework for industry are structured progressively and laterally based on sector norm


The Training Programmes provide information on skills acquisition that are available for new entrants and in-service personnel to acquire skills and competencies required for various occupations in the Industry.

The process flow of skills framework development


4 Weeks
Identification of focus area/sub-sector for development of skills framework


2 Weeks
Engagement with co-lead, proposal preparation & management approval


4 Weeks
Compilation of IndSF document & submission to co-lead partner


8 Weeks
a) Validation workshop
b) Preparation of IndSF document


19 Weeks
a) Validation workshop
b) Preparation of IndSF document


4 Weeks
Endorsement by STC & approval by HRDF management


8 Weeks
Design & publishing of IndSF document