HRDF Trainers’ Development Framework

HRDF Trainers’ Development Framework

To create a pool of competent and skilled trainers to meet the human capital development needs of the nation through quality and effective training.

The objectives of HRDF-TDF are as follows:

  • Ensure all active trainers under HRDF meet the required quality baseline standard; and
  • Ensure all trainers under HRDF remain ACTIVE and continuously develop themselves throughout their training career.

HRDF Trainers’ Development Framework

Flow chart

Potential Trainer
after 1 January 2021

Trainer certified / exempted
before 1 January 2021

Main features

  • More standardized 5-day Train the Trainer programme.
  • Performance based contracts for HRDF TTT vendors.
  • Separate independent assessment for trainers who successfully completed TTT or exemption.
  • 3 years HRDF accredited trainer validity with objective based conditions for renewal.
  • Accreditation of all current active trainers within 3 years grace period.
  • Trainers database management system.

Who should go through assessment process

Pre-requisites for the assessment:
  • Trainers must successfully complete the TTT course or approved for TTT exemption.

Who should go through assessment process:
  • Successful participants of the HRDF 5-day Train-the-Trainer Certification Course will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment by HRDF.
  • However, trainers who wish to conduct training under the various HRDF schemes are required to be HRDF Accredited Trainer.
  • There are two scenarios for a trainer to become HRDF Accredited Trainer.

Trainers certified / exempted after 1 January 2021
Trainer must successfully complete the HRDF Trainers Accreditation by Assessment.

Trainers are required conduct an actual classroom training and to submit the following documents:

Phase 1 of the assessment process will be done by Trainers Development Unit

Phase 2 of the assessment process is for the trainer to demonstrate competence in CT4 which will be evaluate by panels of TTT lead trainers.

Trainers certified/exempted before 1 January 2021
Accreditation will be based on active training hours. The requirement for reaccreditation will be
120 hours of training conducted in a year.

Trainer to submit the following documents for the accreditation by activity process:
*Minimum to attach 2 files, File must be PDF and size below 2MB

Claimable training hours for both scenario include:
Any form of training that meets the HRDF requirement which is conducted either under HRDF or outside of HRDF with following requirements:

Renewal process

  • HRDF Accredited Trainers’ has a validity period of 3 years. In order to continue as HRDF Accredited Trainers, trainers need to under go renewal every 3 years.
  • Renewal will be based on active training hours. The requirement for recertification will be 360 hours of training conducted within the 3-year validity period.
  • A trainer who cannot meet the active training hours requirement can opt for going through the accreditation by assessment process to be renewed.

Fee structure effective 1 January 2020

TTT COURSE inclusive of ASSESSMENT fee

TTT Exemption fee

ASSESSMENT fee for TTT exempted trainers after 1 Jan 2021

RENEWAL of Accredited Trainers
every 3 years

ACCREDITATION of Certified / Exempted Trainers before 1 Jan 2021

*inclusive SST


Implementation Guideline
Download for more information

Download for more information