Training Facilities and Renovation (ALAT)

Tips :
  • Application must be submitted by employers before purchase of equipment and renovation

Required Supporting Documents :
  • 1 quotation from supplier for the purchase of training aids
  • Layout of Training Room
  • Indicate number of training room, internal trainer profile and LCD projector (for purchase laptop application)
  • 1 quotation from supplier/contractor
  • 1 lay out plan / the measurement of the proposed setting up or renovation training room
  • Justification for this application

Required Information :
  • Details of Training Equipment/Renovation
  • Total of Estimated Costs Apply


  • To encourage more in-house retraining and skills upgrading of their employees by purchasing of training aids for the purpose of setting up, renovating or enhancing training rooms
  • Setting up of a training room does not include the construction of a building, training centre or the rental of training rooms

Purchase of Training Equipment

Financial Assistance

  • 100% subject to a maximum of 30% of the levy balance as at 1st January in the year the application is submitted

Training Equipment and Aids

  • Television set
  • VCR (Video Cassette Recorders)
  • VCD (Video Compact Disc) Player or DVD (Digital Video Disc) Player
  • Overhead Projector, Multimedia
  • LCD and Direct Projector
  • Screen and white board
  • Training tape and video
  • Training Video Compact Disc
  • Slide
  • Chairs and tables for training room only
  • Flip Chart Stand
  • Mannequin
  • Poster
  • Notebook (once in 2 years)
  • *The list is not finalise, you can propose base on your industry need equipment.

Setting up Training Room

The setting up training room:
  • Wiring for setting up Overhead Projector
  • Painting of Training Room
  • Setting up air-conditioner for training room
  • Installing carpet, blinds, glass wall
  • Renovation of Training Room Ceiling
  • Wiring for plugs/sockets
  • Installing cable for network/internet connections



How To Apply?

Submission via e-TRiS under ALAT scheme


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