Future Workers Training (FWT)

Tips :
  • Application must be submitted by employers before training date commencement
  • Employment for future workers is a MUST once training is completed
  • Minimum duration is 4 hours
  • Maximum duration is 12 months

Required Supporting Documents :
  • Course Content
  • Trainer Profile
  • Invoice/Quotation
  • FWT Proposal
  • Letter to Undergo FWT

Required Information :
  • Trainer and Training Provider information (if any)
  • Trainees Information
  • Total of Estimated Costs Apply

  • Effective 1st August 2019, training programmes must commence within six (6) months from the date of training grant applications are made and training claim submissions must be made not more than six (6) months from the date the training programmes are completed.


  • To assist employer to employ talent who will be able to perform with minimum supervision
  • To train future workers with the required skills and competencies before entering employment



  • Minimum is 1 pax
  • Maximum is 20 paxs

Financial Assistance

  • Internal Trainer’s Allowance OR External Trainer Fee RM1,000/day/group
  • If trainees less than 5, Internal Trainer’s Allowance or External Trainer Fee at the rate of RM25/trainee/hour
  • Monthly Allowance for Trainee(s) RM1,000/month/trainee
  • Other Claimable Cost:
  • - Meal allowance
  • - Daily Allowance



  • Minimum is 1 pax
  • Maximum is 20 paxs

Financial Assistance

  • Course Fee (Public Programme)
  • RM1,300/day/pax
  • Other Claimable Cost:
  • - Daily Allowance



How To Apply?

Submission via e-TRiS under FWT scheme


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